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Alpha Rae Personnel: Interviewing Etiquette, Part 2

Alpha Rae Personnel: Interviewing Etiquette, Part 2

Practice shaking hands, as interviews almost always involve a handshake. Wait for the interviewer to extend a hand, and then respond with a firm handshake. Avoid limp or bone-crushing handshakes, which are bound to present a negative impression. If your hands tend to sweat when you’re nervous, carry a tissue.

Be aware of your body language. Although nervousness is normal, it’s important not to look like you’re angry or being interrogated. Don’t fold your arms or cross your legs. Make eye contact and smile, but don’t present an artificial, forced smile. Don’t fidget or tap your toes or fingers. Sit up straight.

Answer the interviewer’s questions clearly and concisely. Don’t limit yourself to one-syllable answers, but don’t ramble. If you don’t understand something, ask politely for clarification. Prepare your own questions in advance. Think carefully about the questions you want to ask, and be careful about asking too many questions about pay, benefits, and vacation.

Thank the interviewer sincerely. Follow up with a handwritten thank you note, and politely reiterate your interest in the job. Don’t resort to email; a handwritten note is more professional.

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