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Making a Good Impression at Your Next Job Interview by Alpha Rae Personnel

In a tight job market, making a good impression at your interview is more essential than ever. The staffing experts at Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offer the following tips for making sure you shine at your next interview.

1. Look like a professional. When you dress for a job interview, pay attention to little details. Wear business attire and make sure your clothing is neatly pressed and lint free. Polish scuff marks out of shoes. Your hair and makeup (if you are a woman) should be business appropriate, with hair neatly combed and makeup minimal and natural. Make sure your nails are neatly trimmed and shaped as well.

2. First impressions are important. Enter the room confidently if the interviewer is already there waiting for you, or stand when the interviewer enters the room. Make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Wait until you are invited to do so before sitting.

Alpha Rae Personnel Interview tips


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