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Dressing for Success

Helpful Advice about Business Attire from Alpha Rae Personnel

In the corporate world, the way a business professional dresses can communicate his or her level of professionalism. According to Image Dynamics, “55% of another person’s perception of you is based on how you look.” Thus, it is best to make conservative choices when putting together a business ensemble.

Safe, professional choices for women include solid-colored, well-tailored suits with coordinated blouses; moderate shoes; and tasteful, but limited, jewelry. A neat, professional hairstyle and well-groomed fingernails are important as well. Make-up and perfume should be worn in moderation.

Men ought to consider a solid-colored, well-tailored suit paired with a dress shirt and conservative tie. Dark socks and professional shoes are an important wardrobe component as well. Men should wear very limited jewelry and maintain a professional hairstyle and clean, trimmed fingernails.

About Alpha Rae Personnel:

Alpha Rae Personnel is an executive search firm dedicated to creating mutually beneficial employer-employee relationships. Alpha Rae Personnel understands the importance of appropriate business attire in today’s workplace.


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