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Tips on Dressing for a Job Interview

For 30 years, Alpha Rae Personnel has helped client companies find qualified and well-suited candidates for a variety of positions. Alpha Rae Personnel supports candidates in presenting themselves professionally to potential employers.

As the employment marketplace has changed over the years, so have expectations of what a job seeking candidate should wear for an interview. It is no longer automatically true that all interviewers expect a business suit, although most experts recommend that candidates err on the side of conservative dress whenever in doubt. Hiring and employment professionals suggest that a candidate visit the company’s offices or ask an employee to determine the look that most people present in the office and wear a similar style to the interview.

However, employment experts do stress that the candidate look professional and put-together at all times. Even if some employees wear shorts and sandals to work, a more polished look should be worn to a job interview. The nature of an interview implies that candidates present themselves in the best possible light. This means clean and pressed clothing, well-kept shoes, and a neat and organized bag. Whatever the corporate culture, hiring managers want to know that employees will take their jobs seriously.


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